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Congratulations Matt on Receiving Funds from the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership!

Matt loves engaging in his community by going to local businesses and interacting with his neighbors, but until recently he often relied on others for getting around since he is visually impaired. He wanted more independence and assurance he could move around his community safely by himself and applied for a microgrant. Matt received funding […]

Ask an Advocate: Preparing for Life After Graduation

Question: I am the parent of a high school student with a disability and don’t know where to start when planning for life after graduation. What should I be doing to prepare?   Answer: Moving from student to adult life is a hectic process, and many families don’t know where to begin to ensure their […]

Today Marks the Beginning of National Disability Voter Registration Week!

Today marks the beginning of National Disability Voter Registration Week! It’s critically important that members of the disability community feel educated and empowered to vote in the upcoming elections, and the first thing to do is register!…/register-to-vote                     For more voter resources, check out our new […]

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