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Ask An Advocate: Communicating Choices

Q. Does The Arc have any tools to help a young person communicate their interests and choices?   A. The Arc Minnesota does provide a variety planning processes and tools. One online tool that is now available at no cost is the GetSet! Online Interest Map Tool. Based on person-centered principles, the tool asks young […]

Ask An Advocate: Housing Access Services

Q: I am homeless. I have been living in my car or sleeping on a friend’s couch. I can’t go to a shelter because my extreme anxiety prevents me from being around a lot of people.  Can you help me find housing?   A: The Arc Minnesota has a contract with the Minnesota Department of […]

Ask An Advocate: Special Needs or Pooled Trust?

Q. What is the difference between a Special Needs Trust and Pooled Trust?   A.  pooled trust is a special needs trust administered by a non-profit organization.  The non-profit organization acts as Trustee and manages the trust sub-accounts.  The sub-accounts are accounted for separately, but the assets and administration of the trust is “pooled” in […]

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