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Ask an Advocate: What Does Person-Centered Mean?

To be person centered is to put everything that makes a person who they are first, rather than looking at their disability first. All people have relationships, hopes, dreams, strengths, fears, things that work for them, and things that don’t work—and this is what makes them who they are! Person centered thinking supports people in […]

Kim Keprios to Leave CEO Position at The Arc Minnesota

Kim Keprios, with the support of The Arc Minnesota Board of Directors, has announced her resignation as CEO of The Arc Minnesota, effective June 15.   “After 36 rewarding, humbling, joyful and challenging years with The Arc Greater Twin Cities and The Arc Minnesota, and with the support of the Board of Directors, I have […]

Ask An Advocate: What is a Master Pooled Trust?

Q: What is a Master Pooled Trust?   A : Master Pooled Trust is a financial planning tool that assists family members to plan for the future of a family member with a disability by assisting the person to be able to keep their governmental benefits. It can also be used when an individual with […]

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