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Congratulations Matt on Receiving Funds from the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership!

Matt loves engaging in his community by going to local businesses and interacting with his neighbors, but until recently he often relied on others for getting around since he is visually impaired. He wanted more independence and assurance he could move around his community safely by himself and applied for a microgrant.

Matt received funding through the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership for a voice GPS device that provides greater independence through aided assistance at all times. With his new device, Matthew feels more independent and is more confident in getting around his neighborhood safely and responsibly. He feels more connected to his community since he’s started visiting local businesses and neighbors without help from a friend or family member.

Matthew told Microgrant staff that the VictorReader Trek device he received through the program has improved his quality of life tremendously. He feels very optimistic about his future and engaged with his community. 

The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership makes grants to Minnesotans with disabilities who have financial barriers to their goals related to competitive employment, accessible housing or community inclusion. For more information about the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership, or to apply for a microgrant, click here.