Minnesota Microgrant Program

Reach your person-centered goals with a grant from the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership! The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership offers modest grants to persons with disabilities who have financial barriers to:



  Competitive Employment                    Accessible, Inclusive Housing                    Community Integration Goals



This program is administered by The Arc Minnesota and is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.



How could $500 change your life?


What goals do you have that you could achieve with a grant? Would you hire a job coach or get job training? Buy work related uniforms or tools to start a new job? Pay moving expenses? Buy furnishings for an independent living situation? Register for a class? Join a club or gym? Acquire assistive technology that allows you an opportunity you have wanted for a long time?


The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership is eager to help Minnesotans with disabilities achieve person-centered goals for integrated, competitive employment, inclusive housing, and increased community integration. We want to hear your creative, innovative ideas to make a sustainable change in your life.



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