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A Home of One’s Own Resource Guide

The workforce shortage is creating challenges for many people with disabilities and their family members. What should you do if your group home or other service provider closes? What other housing options are available? How can you have a home of your own – in a place that you choose, and with people you choose? What changes do we need to make in systems and society to stop the workplace and housing crisis?

Here we will detail the information shared in the three-part information series. We will help you explore:

  • Housing options
  • Creative, individualized services
  • Other innovations that can support you in a home of your own
  • Opportunities to join a movement toward long-term change.

With questions about information in the Resource Guide, or to get more support from The Arc, here’s how you can contact us:

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Session 1: Know Your Rights in a Time of Crisis

10:30 am – 11:45 am
April 27, 2022

Facebook Zoom Link with CART and ASL:

Is your group home closing? Are you worried about services being terminated? During this session, experts will help you understand your rights in a time of crisis. Together, we will explore some options if your supports are at risk.

Chad Wilson – Minnesota Disability Law Center Staff Attorney

  • Chad Wilson is a Staff Attorney with the Minnesota Disability Law Center (Legal Aid – Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid), primarily working with clients with Developmental Disabilities. His practice focuses on assisting clients with accessing support and services necessary for full community integration. He also helps client with issues of access and discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Bud Rosenfield – Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (OMHDD)

  • Barnett (Bud) Rosenfield was appointed as the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (OMHDD) with Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities For most of his career, Bud has represented people who have disabilities, first as an attorney and then as supervisor with the Minnesota Disability Law Center. His appointment as Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities reflects his commitment to and passion for doing protection and advocacy work and promoting disability rights and justice.

Session Information and Resources:

Chad Wilson’s Presentation

Learning objectives of this presentation:

  • What are your rights if a 245D providers issues a notice of service termination?
  • How do I appeal a notice of service termination?
  • How do I get more time to find a new home?

Bud Rosenfield’s Presentation

Learning objectives of this presentation:

  • What are Assisted Living Facilities and what are the rules that these facilities have to follow?
  • What protections and rights do people living in Assisted Living Facilities have when the provider wants to terminate services? (Service terminations and non-renewals)
  • What if the Assisted Living Facility closes?

Session 2: Plan and Explore Your Housing Options

10:00 am – 12:00pm
May 11, 2022

Facebook Zoom link with slides:

The workforce shortage is scary, but with some planning and creative options, you can be in a stable home of your own. Learn about planning services that can help prevent a crisis and build informed choices about your housing options. Learn from disabled people and their trusted supporters about what has worked for them.


Alicia Munson – The Arc Minnesota; Chief Program Officer
Nora Ulseth – The Arc Minnesota; Individual Advocacy Manager
Ellen Baudler – The Arc Minnesota; Director of Housing Services
Gene Martinez – The Arc Minnesota; Legislative Advocacy Coordinator
Karli Harguth – The Arc Minnesota; Self Advocacy Associate
Joan Breslin Larson – The Arc Minnesota; Volunteer

Session Information and Resources:

PowerPoint slideshow


Questions asked at session 2:

  • Q: What providers have housing (list)?
    • A:Someone can search by Zip Code radius for licensed residential providers who have openings at MN Openings
  • Q. For individualized home supports, are staff able to provide support to more than one person at a time under the DD waiver?  Example: 2 or 3 individuals all on DD waiver live together in a rented home. Can they share staff?
    • A: Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) or PCAs can provide support to more than one person in individualized home supports but it cannot be at the same time. There is no sharing of staff allowed. To share staff, a person should use CDCS Shared Services
  • Q: In the apartment model, is there a limit to the number of hours that staff work?  If there is 24-hour staff support then this is like a community residential setting, and there is a moratorium on CRS.
    • A: 24-hour staffing is permitted in apartments. This is not a community residential setting because the apartment is the housing setting and it is unlicensed. The housing setting would be licensed in a community residential setting.
  • Q: Can we get a list of the Life Sharing Agencies?
    • A: Able Light (formerly Bethesda) and Lutheran Social Services (LSS) are the two Life Sharing agencies right now. More providers may be enrolling in the months ahead.
  • Q: Can you combine Life Sharing or/and Caregiver living Expense Programs with CDCS?
    • A: A person providing Caregiver Living may provide services under the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) option under any HCBS disability waiver in Minnesota. Caregiver Living Expenses
    • A person using Life Sharing cannot use CDCS because Family Residential Services pays the caregiver to provide support, and that is licensed under Adult Family Foster Care. Family Residential Services
  • Q: How do you access more information on what is allowable under CDCS? We use to have county case management and now we have community case management and it is quite discrepant!
    • A: Information on allowable or unallowable expenses can be found on the Department of Human Service’s website on CDCS:CBSM CDCS  Another helpful place to get information on this topic and other issues related to CDCS is to read the CDCS Consumer Handbook


Session 3: A Change is Gonna Come

10:30 am – 11:45 am
May 25, 2022

Facebook Zoom Link with CART and ASL:


We need to make long-term change to help address the workforce shortage and housing crisis. Learn about working being done at the Capitol to stabilize support professions and expand access to housing. Be a part of a movement toward systems and social change.


Andrea Zuber – The Arc Minnesota; Chief Executive Officer
Julia Burkstaller – The Arc Minnesota; Public Policy Director
Maren Hulden – Minnesota Disability Law Center; Legal Services Advocacy Project

Session Information and Resources:

Julia and Maren’s presentation

Presentation overview:

  • 2022 Legislative Session
  • HHS policy-only bill
    • Service termination appeal rights (HF 2925 / SF 2974)
    • Accessible housing (HF 2695 / SF 2603)
    • Shared services (HF 2925 / SF 2974)
    • Support coordination improvements (HF 2925 / SF 2974)
  • PCA increase and flexibility   (HF 2721 / SF 2967)
    • 40-hour cap (HF 3199 / SF 2772)
    • PCA driving (HF 4085 / Sf 3456)
  • Life Sharing (HF 3919 / SF 3416)
  • Changes to Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) (HF 4273 / SF 3645)

Andrea Zuber’s speech addressing social change and Brilliant Truths

  • Navigate to 31:02 in the recording


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