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Working Together – A Support Program for ASD

The University of Minnesota Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic is recruiting for an education and support program for families of young adults with ASD. Adults with ASD and their parents will attend weekly group meetings with other families to receive information on planning for independence, coping strategies, and other topics. Problem solving strategies will be taught to address specific concerns. The study will consist of initial and exit interviews for young adults with ASD and their parents and 8 weekly group sessions held in Minneapolis at the UMN Autism Clinic.


To participate, the adult with ASD must be between 18 and 30 years of age and live with their parents, have finished high school, and have less than 20 hours per week of classes and work combined. Adults with ASD must not be diagnosed with an intellectual disability. To find out more, please contact:


Dr. Rebekah Hudock

University of Minnesota

ASD Clinic

(612) 626-3538 or