Welcome to The Arc Minnesota

Welcome to The Arc Minnesota!

For over 75 years, The Arc Minnesota has worked across state to provide advocacy and information for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and their trusted supporters.

We believe you belong in a world that welcomes you—a world where all people with IDD are valued, respected, and thriving.

In a welcoming world, people with IDD will have power to change systems and society. Communities will be centered in justice. All people will have belonging and freedom.

This page will help you get a quick overview of The Arc Minnesota and all we have to offer!

You can call our Help Desk at any time to connect with an advocate from The Arc by calling 1-866-797-1122. You can also reach out with our Ask an Advocate form.

What We Do

We promote and protect the human rights of people who have IDD through systems and social change.

Through individualized advocacy and informed choice, we support a lifetime of full inclusion in community for people with IDD, their families, and trusted supporters.

We work statewide to offer programming, services, and community. The Arc Minnesota provides resources like:

Our Values

Our values guide our shared work to change systems and build an inclusive society in Minnesota and beyond. The Arc Minnesota is committed learning from and being led by disabled people who have diverse lived experience.

  • Human and Civil Rights
  • Self-Advocacy an Self Direction
  • Equity and Belonging
  • Disability and Racial Justice

Review our position statements to learn more about The Arc Minnesota’s position on different topics, systems, and more.

Looking for more information?

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The Arc Minnesota offers support in English, Somali, and Spanish. Additional language and accommodations are available. We have offices across Minnesota to support you in the place you call home.

Call us at 952-920-0855 or toll free at 833-450-1494.

Email us at info@arcminnesota.org.

You can also sign up for our newsletters to stay informed on public policy, self-advocacy, and general news from The Arc Minnesota.

Looking to volunteer? You’re in luck! We’re always looking for volunteers at The Arc Minnesota and Arc’s Value Village.

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