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Sexuality Education Workshop

You may be aware of the staggering statistics regarding abuse and sexual assault for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The recent NPR series, Abused and Betrayed, has shed light on this important issue. 


On March 8th, Mitch Gunderson-Palmer and Brian Shreifels led the Sexuality Education and Developmental Disabilities Workshop in Rochester, MN. Their training was covered by KIMT 3 where they answered questions about how to properly educate those who are closely connected to people with disabilities. Gunderson-Palmer described some of the common stereotypes associated with sexuality and explained how these were untrue. In addition, Shreifels shared some of his personal experiences about how he deals with this issue:  “empathy, sympathy, respect…you can’t emphasize them enough. People with special needs have feelings, we’re human beings, and we deserve to be treated like such”. 


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