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Self-Advocate Blog: Nate travels to Costa Rica

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Photo: A group of 7 people stand in a row. They are all smiling. They have their arms crossed. They are wearing thick red leather gloves, helmets, and harnesses around their legs.When I was on the plane ✈️ we were supposed to land in San Jose, Costa Rica ?? but the airline had to divert us to Libera, Costa Rica ?? because we could not land on tarmac in San Jose, Costa Rica because a volcano ? had erupted and there were hot ashes. So when we landed in Libera, Costa Rica we had to take shuttle bus to San Jose. It took at least 6 hrs to airport.

And only 1 bathroom stop/supper. Once we arrived to airport we had to get into missionary van to get to our next destination. That took an extra 6hrs so total of 12 hrs of traveling. It was 2am when we arrived to hotel for nite we had to leave at 7am to get next location.

I went to Costa Rica ?? on mission trip with my church and what I did is we went to different university and share the gospel of God.

One of the fun activities that we did was zip-lining in rainforest that was fun minus getting attacked by wild dog ? that bite on my harness strap. Luckily was with guide he was able kick the dog off of me.

I had this mysterious bug bite on my ankle and it was swollen like size of golf ball. I could not even put shoe or sandals on that foot ?. So I had to go to ER in Costa Rica ?? it cost me 35.00 for vist and 100.00 for medications.