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Self-Advocate Blog: Meet Amy Jo!

Amy Jo, a woman with dark hair and glasses, smiles at the camera

Amy Jo is a self-advocate from Mankato, Minnesota. Amy Jo has been involved with The Arc Minnesota for 21 years.

Since 2000, when she graduated high school, she has been a part of the Self-Advocate Advisory Committee, People First, Act Olmsted, and Dets training. Amy Jo has attended many conferences, as well as has been the president of Aktion Club and People First Minnesota.  

Amy Jo enjoys self-advocacy because she gets to teach a class about having a disability, and explain what growing up with disabilities is like.  

Besides being involved in self-advocacy, Amy Jo likes spending time crafting, reading, shopping and watching movies. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and boyfriend. She has a cat named Callie and two dogs, Bella and Dookie. Amy Jo likes to dance and her dream is to write a book about her life story.  

Thanks for sharing Amy Jo! 

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