Arc Guide to Individualized Health Care Plan

Arc Guide to an Individualized Healthcare Plan

An Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) is used when you need healthcare services at school. An IHP can be simple or detailed. An IHP must be signed and dated. The school district creates an IHP to meet your needs as a student.


Determining Need For and Creating an IHP

If you have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), your health and safety needs might be addressed in that document. If they are not, you will need an IHP. You do not need to have an IEP to have an IHP.

The creation of your IHP should include the IEP team, if you have one. It should also include a district representative and parents, staff, or others. A nurse licensed from the Board of Teaching must oversee school nursing services.

If an Individualized Healthcare Plan is necessary, the following information should be considered:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Treatments during and outside of school day
  • Medications
  • Frequent absences due to illness and/or hospitalizations
  • School day schedule adjustments
  • Specific health care needs (lifting, positioning, feeding, etc.)

A licensed medical provider must provide:

  • An order for special healthcare services to be performed at school
  • Information about specialized healthcare procedures and administration of medications
  • A parent’s signature


An IHP Includes:

  • Medical condition and brief medical history
  • Primary and specialist healthcare provider(s)
  • Procedure(s) to be performed
  • Medication(s) and possible side effects
  • Special equipment
  • Physical limitations (if any)
  • Checklist of medication administration
  • Healthcare needs at school
  • Precautions, reactions, and/or interventions
  • Daily log charts of healthcare records
  • Healthcare goals and actions may also be included

Staff training should include:

  • A plan for how Licensed School Nurse will assign staff
  • List of qualified staff
  • How to administer medications and provide healthcare procedures
  • Training schedule

Additional plans to ensure your health and safety may be necessary. This may include:

  • Emergency Procedures and Safety Plans:
    • Summary of medical information
    • Emergency names, places, and numbers
    • How to respond if an emergency occurs
  • Transportation Plan
  • Outline issues and procedures
  • Share plans with the bus driver, transportation aide, and substitute

All plans should be noted and attached to the IEP if applicable. Staff working directly with the student must have access to these plans. Decide which staff will have access to specific (or all) IHP information.



Arc Guide to Medication Administration

Minn. Rule 121A.21 School Health Services

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