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Arc Guide to Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver

The DD waiver is one Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) option. HCBS assists individuals with a disabilities to live in the community with services and supports to meet their needs. The DD waiver is one of many HCBS options in Minnesota.

The Developmental Disability (DD) waiver is one HCBS option. To be eligible for DD waiver services, an individual must meet all the requirements listed below:
• Eligible for Medical Assistance.
• Diagnosed with a developmental disability or be diagnosed with a disability that is similar to a developmental disability. (A disability similar to a developmental disability may be called a related condition.)
• A comprehensive assessment has determined a need for services and supports that would otherwise be provided in a group home (called an Intermediate Care Facility – Developmental Disabilities or ICF/DD). This assessment is usually a MnCHOICES* assessment.
• Need a 24-hour plan of care. This means daily assistance and services to take care of oneself, one’s home, participate in the community, etc.
• Require “active treatment” and a “residential habilitation service”. This means the individual needs:
Teaching and training to learn skills
Assistance with applying skills learned in one situation to a different situation.
• Make an informed choice to live in the community and not licensed Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD).

There are a variety of services available through the DD waiver. The specific services available to the individual are based on the assessment and a discussion with the individual and the case manager (social worker) on the services needed. The services to be provided are documented with the individual’s Coordinated Services and Supports Plan (CSSP).

List of services available from the DD waiver:
• 24-hour emergency assistance – on call assistance that may require an immediate response. This does include electronic response systems.
• Adult day services – for an individual 18 and older who needs supervised care outside of the home during the day
• Adult day services bath – a bath provided by adult day or family adult day when a bath can’t happen in the individual’s home
• Assistive technology – devices or equipment to help an individual communicate, control her environment and do daily tasks
• Caregiver living expenses – expenses a caregiver, who lives with the individual, has while providing services
• Case management/service coordination – the person from the county or contracted with the county to help the individual get and keep services

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