Government Benefits

Arc Guide to Acronyms in Health and Human Services

ABLE Act:   Achieving a Better Life Experience Act

ACA:         Affordable Care Act

ACO:         Accountable Care Organization

ADA:         Americans with Disabilities Act

ADL:        Activities of Daily Living

AFC:        Adult Foster Care

AGI:         Adjusted Gross Income

ARMHS:    Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

ASD:        Autism Spectrum Disorder

AT:          Assistive Technology

BI:           Brain Injury

CAC:        Community Alternative Care

CADI:       Community Access for Disability Inclusion

CDCS:      Consumer Directed Community Supports

CEHI:       Cost Effective Health Insurance

CEP:        Common Entry Point

CFC:        Corporate Foster Care

CFR:        County of Financial Responsibility

CFSS:       Community First Services and Supports

CHIP:       Children’s Health Insurance Program

CMS:        Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

COBRA:    Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COLA:      Cost Of Living Adjustment

CSG:        Consumer Support Grant

CSP:         Community Support Plan

CSSP:       Coordinated Service and Support Plan

CTSS:       Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports

DD:          Developmental Disabilities

DEED:      Department of Economic and Employment Services

DHS:        Department of Human Services

DTH:       Day Training and Habilitation

DME:       Durable Medical Equipment

DWRS:     Disability Waiver Rate Setting

EIDBI:      Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention

ELP:        Essential Lifestyle Planning

EOB:       Explanation of Benefits

EOMB:     Explanation of Medical Benefits

FASD:      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FFS:        Fee For Service

FPL:       Federal Poverty Level

FSA:       Flexible Spending Account

FSE:       Fiscal Support Entity

FMS:       Financial Management Service

FMLA:     Family and Medical Leave Act

FSG:       Family Support Grant

GA:         General Assistance

GRH:       Group Residential Housing

HAC:       Housing Access Coordination

HAS:        Housing Access Services

HCAPP:    Health Care Application

HCBS:      Home and Community Based Services

HHA:       Home Health Aide

HHS:       Health and Human Services

HIPAA:    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HMO:      Health Maintenance Organization

HRA:       Health Reimbursement Account

HSA:        Health Savings Account

I/DD:       Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

IADL:       Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

ICF/DD:   Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disability

IHO:        Individualized Housing Options

ISP:          Individual Service Plan

LOC:         Level of Care

LTC:          Long Term Care

LTCC:        Long Term Care Consultation

LTSS:         Long Term Care Services and Supports

MA:           Medical Assistance/Medicaid

MA-EPD:     Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities

MA-TEFRA: Medical Assistance- Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act

MAGI:        Modified Adjusted Gross Income

MAPS:       Making Action Plans/McGill Action Planning System

MCO:        Managed Care Organization

MCRE:      MinnesotaCare

MDH:       Minnesota Department of Health

METO:      Minnesota Extended Treatment Options

MHCP:     Minnesota Health Care Programs

MSOCS:   Minnesota State Operated Community Services

MSA:       Minnesota Supplemental Aid

NF:         Nursing Facility

OCR:       Office of Civil Rights

OIO:        Olmstead Implementation Office

OT:         Occupational Therapy

PATH:     Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

PASS:      Plan to Achieve Self Support

PCA:       Personal Care Assistance

PCP:       Person Centered Planning

PCPO:     Personal Care Provider Organization

PCT:       Person Centered Thinking

PDN:       Private Duty Nursing

PFP:        Personal Futures Planning

PHN:       Public Health Nurse

PMAP:     Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan

PT:         Physical Therapy

QA:         Quality Assurance

QP:          Qualified Professional

RC:          Related Condition

RSDI:        Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance

SES:         Supportive Employment Services

SILS:        Semi-Independent Living Services

SLS:         Supportive Living Services

SMRT:      State Medical Review Team

SNAP:      Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SNBC:      Special Needs Basic Care

SNF:       Skilled Nursing Facility

SNT:       Special/Supplemental Needs Trust

SNV:       Skilled Nursing Visits

SSA:       Social Security Administration

SSDI:      Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI:        Supplemental Security Income

SSN:      Social Security Number

TBI:       Traumatic Brain Injury

TCM:      Targeted Case Management

VR:        Vocational Rehabilitation

VA:         Vulnerable Adult

WIC:       Women, Infants and Children

WIOA:    Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

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