In 1995, Stakeholders (individuals with disabilities, family members, legal representatives, advocates, support providers, county and state representatives) from the eleven counties in Minnesota’s Region 10 held a meeting to discuss the service system for persons with disabilities. A priority for the Stakeholders was to assure quality of services to persons with disabilities despite whatever changes were made at the state or federal level. The Stakeholders worked with area legislators to develop and pass innovative legislation that would allow counties to participate in an alternative licensing system.

The alternative licensing system focused on the quality of supports provided based on outcomes determined by individuals with disabilities rather than minimal licensing requirements. This alternative licensing system, known as VOICE (Value Of Individual Choice and Experience), reviewed the quality of supports provided for individuals with disabilities from 2000 – 2016.

In 2016 a new system for reviewing quality of supports for individuals with disabilities was developed and is being implemented in through three Regional Quality Councils. Region 10 Quality Assurance continues to be funded through the Minnesota Legislature with a shift in focus to activities to support a person driven quality service system in Region 10 and beyond. Activities continue to focus on the following beliefs developed by the stakeholders in Region 10:

All individuals with disabilities have the right to the opportunity to participate as full citizens in their community and society.

WE BELIEVE…That quality of life is determined by the individual and is different for each individual.
WE BELIEVE…The system of supports must adapt to the needs of the individual rather than requiring the individual to adapt to the system.
WE BELIEVE…There must be a commitment to stable, ongoing and cost effective public funding for individuals with disabilities.
WE BELIEVE…That providing a valued, competent and stable work force has a powerful impact on the quality of life experienced by each individual.
WE BELIEVE…there should be a locally designed and operated, publicly funded licensing choice that continually improves and enhances the quality of life and supports for individuals with disabilities.



The current contract with the Minnesota Department of Human Services for 7/1/18 – 6/30/20 requires that Region 10 Quality Assurance complete work on the following activities:


Community Capacity Building

• In coordination with Self-Advocacy groups, develop and implement a plan to increase the number of self-advocates in the State Quality Council and Regional Quality Council activities.


Training and Education Activities

Develop education and training materials and presentations for stakeholder groups including self-advocates, families and legal representatives, providers, county and state employees, and community members. Training and materials will focus on:
• Understanding and accessing resources (Resource Guide/Who Pays)
• Community inclusion
• Self-direction
Person-centered thinking & planning
Person-centered service delivery
Individual rights
Individual budgets
• How to be in control of your supports
• Evaluation of quality supports
• Coordinate with individuals, families, providers, counties and communities to implement person directed quality improvement activities.


Person-Directed Quality Improvement Project

Application: Person-Directed Quality Improvement Project 2019


Region 10 Quality Assurance Annual Reports

Region 10 QA Annual Report 2016-17

Region 10 QA Annual Report 2017-18