Pilot Parents: You Are Not Alone

If your child has needs different from most children, so do you. Pilot Parents is a parent-to-parent support network for families of children with special needs in the Midstate Region.

It can be hard to accept that your child has any disabilities — whether physical, developmental, medical, social, or educational. You may feel isolated, frightened, confused, and overwhelmed. Pilot Parents is proof that you are not alone.

Pilot Parents are trained volunteers who have experienced the heartbreaks and joys of having a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They are willing to listen to and help other parents deal with frustrations and feelings that occur. Pilot Parents can offer practical suggestions for meeting the daily challenges of caring for a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By sharing their experiences, they can supplement information provided by professionals, family members, and friends.


Pilot Parents Provide:

  • Emotional support during the time of the child’s diagnosis and other times of change, transition, and adjustment at any age.
  • Information geared to the family’s needs and its knowledge about disabilities, services, resources, and organizations.
  • Referrals to appropriate services.
  • Access to other types of support services.


Referral Procedure

Referrals to the Pilot Parents program can be made by the person needing the services, a friend, family member, physician, social worker, teacher, clergy, or a service provider.

Parents requesting assistance must give permission to share information, before being contacted by a volunteer mentor. Matches are made according to the needs identified by the parent.

To make an inquiry please contact us:

Phone: 320.251.7272
Fax: 320.253.6844
Email: info@arcminnesota.org

Could You Be The One?

Raising a child with a disability can be rewarding and exciting. It can also seem lonely and frustrating. Could you be the one to make a difference for another parent?

Parents interested in becoming a trained Pilot Parent volunteer are encouraged to call 320.251.7272 for additional information.