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Minnesota Microgrant Program Success Story — Rosemarie

Rosemarie has spent the past 12 years as a homemaker and was ready to rejoin the workforce. She started as a stylist at Maurices in a local mall. However, Rosemarie didn’t have the income to afford new clothing that would be appropriate for a contemporary fashion retailer. In her application, Rosemarie said, “I would feel most confident and stylish in clothing from my current employer. I want to be able to be successful and have the right clothes to wear to work. If I am fortunate to receive the grant, it would be used for work-friendly clothes which are up-to-date and with the current trends. I have a 40% discount card that I can use to purchase clothing at Maurices and a 50% discount a partner store, Catherine’s.”

In a follow up conversation with Rosemarie, she reported several positive outcomes as a result of her position at Maurices. Her job has increased her confidence in many ways. Her family is more financially stable as a result of her income. They have been able to take their children “to the movies and give them a better life.” She also offered advice for others considering applying for a grant: “The Microgrant Partnership is a great program that helps with confidence for anyone looking for a job or becoming more confident in their current job.”

For more information about the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership, visit our website page about the program.