Be a self-advocate superhero!

Power. Confidence. Kindness. Leadership. These are the things that make a true superhero!

This Future Leaders of Self-Advocacy course is for teens and young adults with disabilities to learn how to be powerful and confident self-advocates!

This training will help you:

  • Build skills that are important in your life
  • Learn how to fight for your rights
  • Stick up for others

You’ll be a self-advocacy superhero!

You can download the full course at once, or you can do each section individually.

Power Course

Self-advocacy is not just about fighting for what you want, it is also about fighting for what you need. Become a powerful self-advocate by knowing your rights and learning how to use them.


Confidence Course

Part of being a self-advocate superhero is not letting people discourage you from loving who you are. To love who you are is to love all of the pieces and parts that make up your identity. In this workshop, we will talk about the importance of identity, disability, and self-confidence in self-advocacy.


Kindness Course

Superheroes want to make the world a better place. That means a world without bullying! Superheroes do not bully, and superheroes also stop it when it is happening. Learn how to be a self-advocate superhero and defend against bullying and spread kindness!


Leadership Course

Welcome to the Leadership Course! You have learned how to be a self-advocate and now you will learn about how to be a self-advocate with others and build power together!