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Joshua’s Business Booms with Help from a Microgrant

Joshua applied for funds from the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership, administered by the Arc Minnesota, to update his company website. DAGERS consults with major video game developers to make games more accessible to gamers of all abilities and provides game reviews for gamers with disabilities.

Video games can provide people with disabilities an escape from the limitations of being disabled, allowing them to be daring adventurers and brave warriors. They also provide a social space where the player is not judged by physical appearance, but by the actions taken and results produced inside the game. Yet, game developers have historically created games that people with disabilities could not complete or enjoy without the help of an able-bodied person. DAGERS helps make accessibility a priority in game development.

DAGERS website launched in 2012, but needed an upgrade to promote their services to some of the biggest game developers in the field prior to a big convention in 2018. Joshua applied for a grant and made a strong case for how a rebuilt site would serve his employment goals and business.

Joshua’s hard work combined with receiving a Microgrant have been incredibly beneficial to his business. His accomplishments include consulting for FORTNITE, Uncharted and The Crew, owning a profitable business and negotiating several new, lucrative contracts. Joshua also started working on starting a non-profit gaming company in partnership with a larger organization to further advance his employment goals. He’s especially grateful for the boost from the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership which is funded through the Minnesota Department of Human Services and administered by The Arc Minnesota.

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