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How could $500 help you reach your goals?

The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership makes grants up to $1,000 to adults receiving waiver services or youth 16 and older with IEPs, who spend most of the day with students with disabilities, to achieve goals around competitive employment, accessible housing, and community inclusion.


We have made grants to business owners who need things to start or grow their business, an actor who hopes to perform in musicals and wanted voice lessons, and those seeking comfortable, accessible living options. Jorden needed a desk, office chair, and locking file cabinet to continue his office support business. Karen performs with a theater group that challenges ideas about disability. She looks forward to roles in musicals, so she wanted to improve her singing capabilities. Marjean needed funds for a security deposit at an accessible apartment building to maintain her independence.


Do you dream of a job, living situation or a stronger feeling of community inclusion, but need funds to reach your goal? Apply online at Find more details here or call us at 952-920-0855 to get your questions answered.