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Being a Self-Advocate Superhero with Karli

Are you ready to learn about how to become a Self-Advocacy Superhero? With our new “Be A Self-Advocate Superhero” course, you will learn to find the confidence and power within yourself to advocate for your wants and needs in life! 

A self-advocate is someone with a disability who advocates for their wants, needs, and rights. They also help advocate for other people.

“Being a self-advocacy leader gives you an amazing feeling that you are making a difference in the world for people who have disabilities and making sure everyone has equal opportunities as everyone else,” says Karli, who helped create the course.

Self-Advocates Karli, Katie, Jeff, and Lea Sue wanted to share their leadership skills to help children, teens, and young adults become self-advocates and develop their skills.

Karli’s story 

I have been a Self-Advocate for about 13 years. Throughout this time, I have learned so much. Not only have I learned to speak up for myself, but also for others. I noticed that speaking up just for the little things that you want in your life can make a big impact.  

I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for self-advocacy. After getting involved with self-advocacy, I went from a being in a cocoon—in my own little world—to a beautiful butterfly that spread its wings. I was able to find the power within myself to state what I wanted and needed.  

Now, I am speaking up for myself, living in my own apartment, and have my dream job. I finally have what I always wanted and am completely happy and free to do what I would like.

I was one of the Self-Advocates who helped create this workshop. If I had a workshop like this growing up, I would have learned to become a powerful self-advocate earlier by using the power that I had inside myself. By helping to create this course, I am happy I can share resources for people to find the power within themselves to become their own superhero! 

Being a leader gives you a powerful feeling. When we make a positive change, we are superheroes.