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Ask An Advocate: Why Vote?

Q.: Why bother voting? How do I find out how to vote and who I will be voting for?


A: The Arc believes that voting is very critical. Elected officials make key decisions about what programs and services are available to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those decisions can be directly influenced depending on who is in office at the federal, state or local level. Voting is the key to having the needs of persons with disabilities being taken into consideration within government by elected officials.


Here are a few resources from the Office of the MN Secretary of State:


Voter Registration (pre-election registration, until October 16, 2018):…/register-to-vote/

Voter Registration at the Polls:…/reg…/register-on-election-day/

Find your polling place:

Find Your Sample Ballot:…/whats-on-my-ballot/