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Ask an Advocate: What Does Person-Centered Mean?

To be person centered is to put everything that makes a person who they are first, rather than looking at their disability first. All people have relationships, hopes, dreams, strengths, fears, things that work for them, and things that don’t work—and this is what makes them who they are! Person centered thinking supports people in honoring individuals for exactly who they are instead of focusing on their disability.

Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a formal process that uses person centered thinking to plan for an individual’s future with them at the center of the process. The person and those who are important to them come together with a trained PCP facilitator to plan as a team. PCP helps teams describe a life that is meaningful for the person and defines the supports and resources needed to create that life. PCP process, conversations, questions, and plans are based on the individual and guided by one of several flexible planning formats.

For more information about the Arc Minnesota’s Person Centered Planning, please visit the Planning For Your Future page or contact call 952-920-0855. Planning Specialists are available  to talk with you about what being person centered is and what Person Centered Planning looks like.