Planning Your Future

Our goal is that all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live a fulfilling life that is meaningful to them and have the tools to plan now and in the future. For some people, this means financial security and for others it may be having a supportive group of friends and family. Whatever your reason for wanting to plan for the future, the Arc is here to help. Below are options for our future planning services. 



FutureLife Options


Our most comprehensive planning program for families includes documents that serve as a guide for anyone who will support the person in the future and is based on the goals and dreams the network identifies, as well as assuring that the network has addressed any legal or financial planning that needs to be done. It helps define quality of life for the future. Click here.



GetSet! Online Interest Map Tool


The GetSet! online tool is an interactive planning tool. Based on person-centered principles, the tool asks young adults a series of questions designed to help them consider what adult life might look like, what their unique strengths are, and what skills or supports might be needed to achieve those goals. The tool then takes the student’s answers and creates a visual that students can share with teachers, family, and friends. Click here.



Master Pooled Trust


Financial security is a large part of planning for the future. We all want to make sure that we can live comfortably in times ahead. Our Master Pooled Trust can help provide financial stability to individuals with a disability without affecting the person’s eligibility for means-tested benefits (such as SSI or MA). Click here.



Person-Centered Planning


Sometimes you want a plan for a specific purpose. Maybe you want to set goals for the future, or maybe you want to plan for a new job. Our general Person-Centered Planning utilizes a variety of person-centered planning approaches to help individuals determine what is important in their lives and how to get more of those things. Click here.



Transition to Adulthood Transition Planning Workbook


If you have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability who is making the transition from school to adult life, you have a lot to consider — government benefits like Social Security and Medicaid, legal issues like guardianship, and life issues like employment and housing.  Using person-centered planning principles, the Transition to Adulthood: A Future Planning Workbook is a guide that helps families make decisions and track documents as they work through transition issues.  Click here.



Transition Vision Program


This program is designed for students ages 14-21 years old. It starts by helping students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families paint a picture of the future they want,  and helps them create a step-by-step plan for achieving their goals. The Transition Vision program will help define goals and actions that can go to work immediately in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Click here.



How Do I Get More Information?

For more information, please submit your question to Ask an Advocate or call The Arc at 952-920-0855 or Toll-free at 833.450.1494.