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Ask An Advocate: Transition Planning

Ask an Advocate iconQ: I want to help prepare my daughter with a disability for life after high school. She sees her older siblings living the life of their dreams, and wants the same. How can I help her think about her future and plan for the supports she’ll need?

A: The “Transition to Adulthood: A Future Planning Workbook” can be a great place to start. This self-directed workbook includes four areas to gather information and plan for the future.

  • The ‘Quality of Life’ section focuses on what currently contributes to your child’s positive life.
  • The ‘Informal Supports’ section highlights who is in your network and the resources your child is currently connected to.
  • The ‘Formal Supports’ section concentrates on any public or private agencies, and professionals who support your child.
  • The ‘Legal and Financial Planning’ section documents which professionals support you and have space for you to document what work you’ve done.

Each section also allows you the opportunity to consider what the future can look like and gives you resources for how to move forward. This workbook is for parents and caregivers. It is a great way to organize your thoughts and a perfect place to start your journey in future planning.

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