The transition from student to adult life is exciting, emotional, and can be overwhelming. The Arc Minnesota is here to support you and your family member with a disability, and to help create a foundation to promote ongoing quality of life.

The Transition to Adulthood Future Planning Workbook was developed by person centered planning experts at The Arc Minnesota, to support you and your child. The 52-page self-led workbook is sold exclusively by The Arc Minnesota for $50, which includes shipping charges.

(Please note: Medicaid waivers may cover the cost of the workbook to anyone receiving that service.)

There are many unknowns to coordinate and navigate through during this time of transition. The workbook provides guidance in documenting important information related to your child’s transition to adult life. It includes useful tips to assist you in gathering and organizing information for others who support them now and may support them in the future. This will help others understand the elements vital to maintaining your child’s quality of life. You are the expert, you know many things about your child others don’t know.

The workbook includes four areas to gather information and plan for the future:

  • A Person-Centered Quality of Life focus on what currently contributes to your child’s positive life and what supports may be needed in the future.
  • Informal Supports focus on the resources your child currently has as well as resources needed in the future.
  • Formal Supports focus on any public or private agencies, and professionals who support your child.
  • Legal and Financial Planning Professionals that support you and your child now and in the future.

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information, call The Arc at 952.920.0855 or toll-free at 833.450.1494, or submit your question to Ask An Advocate.