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Ask an Advocate: Preparing for Life After Graduation

Question: I am the parent of a high school student with a disability and don’t know where to start when planning for life after graduation. What should I be doing to prepare?

Answer: Moving from student to adult life is a hectic process, and many families don’t know where to begin to ensure their child lives the best life possible. The Transition to Adulthood Workbook helps guide families through the unfamiliar during the busy time of moving on from high school.

The workbook helps families think about important topics, make decisions, and track documents. It helps families highlight what is important to their child in their daily life, what informal and formal supports they need, addresses legal and financial considerations, and has other helpful information and tools. It is designed as a tool for families to work through on their own, but planning specialists are available to answer questions and provide more information while families work through it.

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