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Ask An Advocate: Housing Access Services

Q: I am homeless. I have been living in my car or sleeping on a friend’s couch. I can’t go to a shelter because my extreme anxiety prevents me from being around a lot of people. Can you help me find housing?

A: The Arc Minnesota has a contract with the Minnesota Department of Human Services called Housing Access Services (HAS). Through this service, Arc Minnesota housing coordinators assist adults with disabilities to find a place to live.

To be eligible for HAS, you must have a disability, over 18 years old and on Medical Assistance. You must also be eligible for a homecare service such as Personal Care Assistance (PCA), or ARMHS services, Private-Duty Nursing (PDN), or Semi-Independent Living Skills (SILS).

HAS coordinators will help you apply for and look for housing. There are often long waiting lists if a person needs subsidized housing. HAS can assist with the application process.

If you are think you are eligible, contact The Arc Minnesota at 952.915.3632.