Housing Access Coordination was developed based on a partnership called Housing Access Services, a program provided by The Arc Minnesota and The Department of Human Services to assist individuals with disabilities with finding housing. Metro Housing Stabilization Services wait list is now open.

The Arc Minnesota began providing Housing Access Coordination in 2016. Housing Access Coordination allows The Arc Minnesota to assist adults with disabilities who are currently receiving an eligible waiver (such as Brain Injury Waiver, Community Alternative Care Waiver, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals Waiver, or the Developmental Disabilities Waiver) in finding and moving to independent homes of their own.

Many of the people that we work with require income based housing because their only source of income is General Assistance or Social Security. We have been able to partner with different Housing Finance Agencies to be able to match people up with housing vouchers. We are also fortunate enough to have relationships with many different landlords and agencies that work with us in helping people find a home of their own.  We work with each person on an individual basis to determine what they need and require for housing. This can differ greatly from person to person.

We look forward to a continued partnership and to helping more people with disabilities find homes of their own. Since The Arc Minnesota has been providing Housing Access Coordination, we have also been able to use Transitional Services in further assisting financially with the housing and moving process.

Housing Access Coordination Intake Line

Contact The Arc Minnesota to learn more about participating in Housing Access Coordination. All initial calls about receiving assistance with housing must be made to 952.915.3632.