“A lot of people think of financial planning like going to the dentist – I got to have a crown or something. You know, it’s a painful, they think of it as a painful experience. What I like to say is it’s a powerful experience for you.”


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Episode 4: How to Make Financial Planning Powerful, Not Painful with Roger Grumdahl

In future planning, we talk about the three-legged stool: legal, financial, & quality of life. In episode 4 of Focus on the Future, we are talking about financial planning. Listen as host Allycia Wolff talks with Roger Grumdahl. Roger is a financial planner and the father of Krista, his adult daughter with special needs. In this episode, he walks us through what financial planning looks like and how it can be a powerful experience and a great gift that you can give your family.

About Roger Grumdahl

Roger has been financial planning for more than 27 years with Eagle Strategies LLC. As a parent of someone with a disability, Roger brings both his personal and professional experiences to the table to help families plan for their financial future. Roger has been featured on Kare 11 TV, WCCO radio, and other print media, and is a longtime friend of The Arc Minnesota.

About Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future is a podcast for caregivers and families supporting people with disabilities. In each episode, a conversation about the journey of discovering our best life and how to achieve it. While exploring legal, financial, and quality of life structures, Focus on the Future aims to get back to what matters most: living a fulfilling and meaningful life that is defined by each individual person. Learn more at arcminnesota.org/podcast.