Community Connections Workbook

Being connected to people is important. We all crave belonging, whether to our family, friends or greater community. We live happier, healthier, safer lives when we are surrounded by people who care about us. However, relationship building isn’t often taught and it can be challenging to try to meet new people. The purpose of this workbook is to outline steps that can be used and adapted to broaden and expand relationships. You can think of this workbook as a tool to start conversations about what you need and want from your relationships and friendships.


This workbook was developed by The Arc Minnesota in collaboration with the Dakota and Ramsey County Autism Grant and was made possible by funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. 


The Creating Connections Workbook has space for each individual to think about their favorite things, the places where they already spend time, and the people who are already in their life, and have conversations about expanding those relationships. There are also sections to begin thinking about how to go about meeting new people.



Building a network takes intentional time and action. Some people may choose to have support in this journey and can elect a ‘Community Connector’ to encourage and guide them in building relationships and creating an action plan. There are directions outlined specifically for the Person in the Center of the Planning, as well as directions for a Community Connector to identify ways to continue conversations about relationships.


The Creating Connections Workbook is meant for people of all ages and is free to download


How Do I Get More Information?


For more information, please submit your question to Ask an Advocate or call The Arc Minnesota at 952-920-0855 or toll-free at 833.450.1494.