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Planning Transition

Worried about life after your child’s graduation? Need help creating a plan? The Arc assists people 14–21 as they are considering their dreams, hopes and desires for the future. The Transition Vision Program is a facilitated process that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families set a goal and establish how to make a successful transition to accomplish what they want out of their life.


Throughout the process, an Arc staff meets with the student and their family to discuss goals, hopes and dreams for the future. The most important people in the students’ life are all brought together to rally around them and help them in creating a future plan. Being a person-centered planning process, the student’s hopes for their life is put front and center. From there, a conversation is led to discover how to best support them in living their best life possible.


Along with the facilitated discussion, and a written person-centered plan, the student also gets a graphic narration of their goals and future. This large, colorful, customized picture brings a student’s future to life. Everyone involved can clearly see the plan moving forward and the focus on the end goal.


This is a wonderful process that allows students to dream for their future and have their loved ones there to support them. We believe that every student can benefit from this planning process. Contact The Arc today to learn more by calling 952.920.0855.