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My Future

Caroline is a confident, fun-loving 19 year-old with a dazzling personality who participated in the Transition Vision Project (TVP) at The Arc GTC while in high school. TVP is a person-centered planning process that takes several steps to explore the student’s dreams and goals in depth and develop an action plan to achieve their goals for the future. We sat down with Caroline to talk about what life after graduating high school is like and what she’s working toward for her future.



When I started my senior year of high school, I felt excited.  I was looking forward to graduating, having parties with my friends, and going out with my sister.  It was an exciting time, but I also worried about what would happen if I didn’t make it or what would happen around me.



Last Fall I had three internships.  I worked at Head Start, the VA Hospital, and Seward Co-op.  They were a lot of fun, but I’d really like to be working in a bakery—giving people coffee and delicious baked goods.  I’ll be their favorite person!  When I think about work, I want to feel more confident, very welcomed, and feel support.          

I love to dream big, so my Top Five Dreams right now in my first year as an adult are:


  1. Spend more time with family
  2. Write songs
  3. Go to Hawaii
  4. Go to California
  5. Do more project ideas on Pinterest

caroline-and-familyBack when I was in high school, I thought being an adult would be super cool.  And yeah, it is super cool!  You can have dreams like the ones I listed above, you get to do your own planning for every season, cook a lot, and have your own pet.