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Meet Amy Jo!

A quote from self advocate, Amy Jo reading, "Get yourself out there"

“I want to go back [to college]… I want to write a book about my life,” says Amy Jo. Amy Jo has been a self-advocate for almost 30 years. Self-advocacy is using your power to advocate for yourself and to educate others to do the same. 

Amy Jo was first introduced to The Arc Minnesota through attending self-advocacy conferences. Since then, Amy Jo has been active in all things self-advocacy.  She has been the president and vice president of People First for years, but she has also been involved in Theatre Club, ACT, Happy Hours, SAM, and other groups from The Arc Minnesota. “I’m in everything,” she laughs. She writes blogs and poetry on The Arc Minnesota’s blog, too. 

The Arc Minnesota provides community groups and resources for people with disabilities to connect with each other, find resources, and become advocates for themselves and their community. Through The Arc Minnesota, Amy has found community, the chance to work on policy, housing and more. 

“Get yourself out there,” says Amy Jo. Self-advocacy groups and community are an important part of building a network of support. “Do all the stuff The Arc has,” she says. The Arc Minnesota has events, conferences, groups, and more for people with disabilities and their trusted supporters.