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In solidarity with South Education Center, Richfield, and ISD 287

Today, our hearts are in Richfield at South Education Center, where a student was killed and another was injured in a tragic shooting yesterday. We are holding space for students, staff, the families of the victims, and the residents of Richfield.

Richfield is part of our community, where one of the Arc Value Village thrift stores and its staff are located. South Education Center provides special education services and alternative learning—they are part of our community. We are all deeply connected by the love, joy, and kinship of our community. Today, our hearts are heavy as we send support, solidarity, and love to them.

We encourage all communities to listen to and center the needs of South Education Center and Intermediate District 287 students, families, and staff in the coming days and weeks.

With love,
Andrea Zuber, CEO
The Arc Minnesota