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Celebrating Disability Pride and Diversity

The Disability Pride FlagDisability Pride Month is celebrated in July in recognition of the original passing of the Americans with Disability Act on July 26, 1990. In 2022, Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, declared July officially Disability Pride Month in Minnesota. This is a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring the achievements, contributions, and abilities of individuals with disabilitiesDisability Pride Month invites us to shift our perspective, challenge stereotypes, and build a more inclusive world where everyone can thrive in the way they choose.

Disability Pride Month “celebrates disabled people embracing their disabilities as integral parts of who they are, reclaiming visibility in public and interacting fully with their disabilities out in the open, and rejecting shame and internalized ableism. It is a time for the disability community to come together, uplift, and amplify one another” (via the American Bar Association)

Our Mission at The Arc Minnesota

At The Arc Minnesota, our mission is to promote and protect the human rights of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), actively supporting them and their families in a lifetime of full inclusion and participation in their communities.  

An essential part of this mission is acknowledging the intersectionality that exists within our communities. For many, their identity is not just shaped by their disability, but also by their:  

  • sexual orientation,  
  • gender identity,  
  • race,  
  • ethnicity, 
  • and more! 

The Importance of the Disability Pride Flag

Recently the Disability Pride flag was updated to make it more accessible with visually triggered disabilities like seizures or migraine disorders. The black background signifies mourning and rage for the victims of violence, including sexual assault, and to remind us that there’s still work to do to protect the rights of people with disabilities. The five colors represent the variety of disabilities and experiences. They represent invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, physical disabilities, neurodivergence, psychiatric disabilities, and sensory disabilities. 

Disability Pride Month is a time for celebration, education, and advocacy. It is a reminder that disability is a natural part of human diversity, and individuals with disabilities have invaluable contributions to offer to our society. By embracing Disability Pride, we move closer to a world of inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities. 

Our Commitment to Inclusion 

The Arc Minnesota is committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and has equal access to opportunities. We believe that understanding intersectionality is key to achieving this goal. In doing so, we can create more inclusive programs, policies, and practices that truly reflect the diverse experiences of all Minnesotans! 

As we celebrate Disability Pride Month, we also acknowledge that the fight for equity isn’t limited to a single month. It’s a year-round commitment. We carry this commitment with us in our pursuit of justice for ALL Minnesotans. Together, we can move forward towards a more inclusive future. 

Happy Disability Pride Month! 

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