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Brion’s Story: A Person-Centered Plan

Brion pictured with his mother Pam
Brion pictured with his mother Pam

For decades, people have come to The Arc Minnesota for help with personalized assistance, lifestyle planning, and future guidance for Minnesotans with disabilities.

Pam first came to The Arc thirty years ago. She was seeking assistance in becoming her son, Brion’s, guardian. She quickly knew The Arc would be able to support her.

“The Arc helped me through the guardianship process,” Pam said. “They told me what to expect and where to find the forms. I was able to claim guardianship without an attorney.”

Throughout the years, Pam went through many different agencies and people to work with Brion. When Brion went into crisis care, Pam came back to The Arc for help.

“So often I was told ‘Let’s make a good behavior board’,” said Pam. “Nobody ever concentrated on what Brion needed.”

With the help of The Arc, Pam created a Person-Centered Plan for Brion. This individualized approach focused on designing what would be best for Brion, both now and in the future.

Brion's Person-Centered plan
Brion’s Person-Centered plan

“The staff now just looks at the poster and knows what Brion likes to do,” Pam said. “He likes to go to work, play basketball, he likes to swim, and he likes to ride his bike. The staff knows all the activities that keep Brion active and happy. They cannot believe it is the same person.”

Pam continued, “Families should definitely give the Arc a call even just for the Person-Centered Plan. In over 30 years, it is the first thing that has worked for Brion. The Arc is a great resource center. They will help with what you need.”