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ASL Accessible COVID-19 Toolkit

It can be challenging to sort through all the COVID-19 information out there, especially when this information is not equally accessible to everyone. The Sins Invalid Disability Principle, Collective Access, says that everyone must be included in ways that are accessible to them. Therefore, there must be inclusive, accessible information on COVID-19 for everyone.

In this post, we will focus on ASL information and provide a list of ASL COVID-19 resources. Many of the resources are from an ASL video series on COVID-19. You can view the entire YouTube playlist here.

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Getting vaccinated is important to protect ourselves and our communities from COVID-19. Below is a list of ASL information on vaccines, which covers overall information on vaccines and boosters, resources for getting your vaccines, and what to expect when you get vaccinated for COVID-19.


Testing is another important way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Below is a list of ASL videos on how to get tested for COVID-19.


There are other ways to protect yourself from COVID-19, including wearing a mask. Below is a list of ASL videos that describe other ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Extra Precautions and Accommodations

Some people may require extra precautions and accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as people who are at a higher risk of illness and people who are pregnant. Below is a list of ASL videos that include information on extra precautions and support different groups of people may need.

Children and School

It can be stressful to send your child to school during a pandemic. Below is a list of ASL videos to help you and your student navigate learning during COVID-19, along with videos on how to talk to children about COVID-19.

Testing Positive for COVID-19

Testing positive for COVID-19 can be scary and overwhelming. It helps to have accessible information on what do to should you or a loved one test positive for the disease. Below is a list of ASL videos covering what to do if you have or think you have COVID.

General Information

There are many more resources and videos out there on COVID-19. For more information on COVID-19, below are a few final ASL resources you can view.

Additionally, The Arc Minnesota has many COVID-19 resources on our website. You can visit our COVID-19 page here for more information.