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Ask an Advocate: Women’s History Month

Ask an Advocate iconQ: I am a teacher planning for Women’s History Month. I want my students to see a wide range of powerful women in history, including people with disabilities. Any suggestions?

A: Thanks for asking! Here are some ideas other teachers have tried:

  • There are many women who shaped our history who had disabilities—Temple Grandin, Harriet Tubman, Hellen Keller, Dorothea Lange, Melissa Stockwell, Bethany Hamilton, and many more. Try having students pick a woman and do a research project on how they changed history.
  • Try having students write down adjectives that describe women they look up to.
  • Find a panel of successful women of different backgrounds, including women with disabilities, to speak to your class and answer questions.
  • Ask the students to write down a dream or goal. Then, have them research someone who is similar to them who has accomplished that dream. Ask them to describe how the person did it.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact The Arc Minnesota via phone at 952.920.0855.