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Ask an Advocate: Calling your county

Ask an Advocate iconQ: I have a question about an application I submitted to the county, and I can’t get ahold of anyone there who can help me. What can I do?
A: Here are some tips that may help you have better success:
  • The best times to call the county are weekday mornings between 9-9:30 am, when the phone lines open. If you call at lunchtime or the early afternoon, you will most likely be on hold longer. Counties typically stop taking calls at 4 pm sharp.
  • Have your full name, birthdate, MNsure reference number (if you have one), and Social Security number ready when call.
  • Have paperwork you are referencing in front of you when you call.
  • Keep a call log every time you call. Write down the date, time, name of who you spoke with and what you discussed. Keep this information in one place, like in a notebook or in a Word document on your computer.
If you have more questions, feel free to contact an Arc Advocate at 952.920.0855.