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An Update on Person-Centered Planning and FutureLife Options Services

A Letter from the Individual Advocacy Team

This past year, the Planning Team at The Arc Minnesota became the Individual Advocacy Team. This change means that as of January 1, 2024, The Arc Minnesota will no longer offer billable Person-Centered Planning or FutureLife Options services. We are in the process of completing open service agreements and will not enroll any new individuals or families in these formal billable services.

This change doesn’t mean we are going away. We would still like to stay in touch and support you and your loved ones in new ways.

As of January 1, 2024, the Individual Advocacy Team cannot:

  • Update Planning Guides or Person-Centered Plans
  • Help create or fill out care documentation
  • Send out reminders

The Individual Advocacy Team can:

  • Talk through your options
  • Discuss the future
  • Share resources to plan for you or your loved one’s future

The Individual Advocacy team uses a person-centered approach in working with individuals, families, and their trusted supporters. They combine knowledge of systems, resources, and natural supports to explore possibilities in and out of the service system—with a focus on the most individualized, self-directed solutions.

Moving forward, all Individual Advocacy services will be free and available to anyone, whether or not they have a waiver. This aligns with The Arc Minnesota’s goals to make our programs and services more equitable and accessible to all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their trusted supporters across the state.

If you and/or your family are currently enrolled in FutureLife Options but have not completed your final review, please feel free to contact us at by November 10, 2023. The Individual Advocacy Team can review your documents and make sure you have what you need to update them on your own in the future. Please note there is an hourly cost to this review, just like previous annual reviews.

Thank you to all the families and individuals who have worked with us over the years! We hope you stay involved with The Arc Minnesota. You can:


The Individual Advocacy Team