Advocating for yourself is a very powerful tool.

The Arc Minnesota works every day to make sure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are shaping decisions that affect their lives.

As a newly merged, statewide organization, The Arc Minnesota is expanding our self-advocacy leadership development training across Minnesota. By the end of 2020, we want to train 100 new self-advocates on how to fight for their human rights and the rights of other people with disabilities. Some of the ways that self-advocates have used these skills include:

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Joining local committees

Trainings icon

Leading trainings that educate people about the importance of self-advocacy

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Sitting on panels as experts in their field

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Publicly sharing their stories to inspire new self-advocates

But we need your help to do this work.

On July 8, we launched the Yes I Can! campaign to raise money for self-advocacy leadership development around Minnesota. During this campaign, we will hear from members of The Arc’s Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee as they tell us what self-advocacy means to them. We have already heard from Jeff, Kelly, Rocky, Heidi, Melvin, & Katie!

The campaign will run from July 8 – July 26. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to support this new initiative.

Show your support during the campaign by giving $100.



Thank you to our Yes I Can! sponsors!

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