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Yes I Can! – Katie McDermott

Self-advocacy is important to The Arc’s Advocate Associate, Katie McDermott.

To Katie, self-advocacy empowers her to give back.

Katie initially got involved with The Arc as a volunteer on our Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee. She later joined the organization as a staff member. Katie’s role is to facilitate and manage the Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee and make sure that committee members are engaged and heard.

To Katie, self-advocacy means that she gets to support people with disabilities throughout their journey.

Support self-advocates like Katie

Katie is sharing her story as part of the Yes I Can! campaign. This campaign raises money for self-advocacy leadership development around Minnesota. During this campaign, we will hear from members of The Arc’s Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee as they tell us what self-advocacy means to them.

The campaign will run from July 8 – July 26 and our goal is to raise $100,000 to support this new initiative.

Show your support right now by giving $100.