What is the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership?

The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership gives grants to Minnesotans with disabilities. Microgrants help people reach goals related housing and employment.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

You may be eligible for a microgrant if you are an individual with a certified disability living in Minnesota. The microgrant program is made possible through funding from The Minnesota Department of Human Services and The Principal Foundation to assist individuals with projects/goals related to housing or employment. Applications will be accepted from individuals or from their staff, family, friends or supporters. Only one microgrant per year may be awarded to an individual.

How much money is available per application?

Microgrant awards range from $100 to $2000.

What are some examples of opportunities that will be considered?

The following list includes a few examples of successful grant requests. Applicants often have creative, exciting ideas about how to use funds to reach their goals.

  • Job coaching or training
  • Job related uniforms or tools
  • Application fees and moving expenses when an individual is pursuing independent, accessible or inclusive housing
  • Home furnishings to establish a safe, healthy living space
  • Class registration fees
  • Membership fees
  • Assistive technologies

Are there any opportunities that will not be considered?

Vacations, rent, monthly bills, large appliances and cars are not eligible for funding through the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership.

What if an applicant needs help completing the application?

Applicants may receive help completing an application from a friend, family member or supporter. The Arc staff may help with application questions if requested.

Who decides if a grant request will be funded?

The Department of Human Services checks for eligibility. We will let applicants know if they request an item or service which is available through their waiver services.

A volunteer panel reviews each application. They make recommendations to ask for more information, approve, or deny proposals.

How long does it take to find out if a grant is approved?

The award process may take up to 45 days, so grants are not intended for emergency or crisis situations.

How are funds distributed?

Microgrant staff makes all purchases and cannot not reimburse for items already purchased.

What happens if a request is not granted?

Applicants may apply again if their proposal is denied.

May I receive more than one grant?

Applicants may only receive one grant per calendar year.

How can an individual apply for a grant?

The fastest way to apply is online. Applications will open on January 1, 2023. If required, request a paper application from microgrants@arcminnesota.org or 952-920-0855. Response times may be longer for a paper application.

Is there an application deadline?

Apply by December 31, 2023. The application may close sooner if all funds run out earlier than anticipated.

Who can answer questions about the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership?

Contact Dawn at 952.234.3883 or microgrants@arcminnesota.org with your unanswered questions.