• Set up an account on our application website. Please make sure to complete all required fields to submit an application. You may begin the application and save your answers if you cannot complete the entire application at one time.
  • Competitive grant applications will:
    • Be innovative. Innovative relates to how the applicant lives, works or interacts with others. One example is hiring a job coach.
    • Be sustainable. Sustainable means that the goal or project is maintained at a certain level. For example, funds used to purchase tools or uniform for work contribute to ongoing employment.
    • Be measurable. A measurable goal has an end result which shows the recipient’s life has changed with the help of the microgrant funds.
    • May prevent a negative outcome. An example is if a grant applicant were at risk of losing their job if they did not receive transportation assistance.
    • Have a realistic budget.

Applications may be submitted by or on behalf of an individual. Organizations are not eligible to receive funds. Please note, microgrant staff does all purchasing. Grant recipients do not receive funds. Applications will open January 1, 2023.