Person-Centered Planning is the radical belief that people know what they want for their future. The Arc Minnesota creates plans with people to reach their unique goals and achieve their dreams, based off of input from them and their network.

Our general Person-Centered Planning uses a variety of approaches. In particular, we use a hybrid approach of Personal Futures Planning and Essential Lifestyle Planning.

This approach covers all areas of life for the individual. It meets the requirements of the Jensen settlement, as well as the intentions of the Olmstead plan. If needed, we also have staff who are able to offer other planning programs: Essential Lifestyle Planning, Personal Futures Planning, MAPS, PATH, and Picture of a Life.

In any plan we do, we bring an unbiased approach. Because The Arc is not a service provider, our only interest is to support the individual to dream about a future with the people who are important in their life, and to create a plan that supports them.

Transition Vision Program

The Transition Vision Program is about dreaming and doing and is one approach to person-centered. It starts by helping students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families paint a picture of the future they want. Then it helps them create a step-by-step plan for reaching that future, starting with actions that can go to work immediately in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information, call The Arc at 952.920.0855 or toll-free at 833.450.1494, or submit your question to Ask An Advocate.