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The Arc supports individuals in understanding their transportation options, what policies impact transportation availability, and how to get involved in making the future of transportation more accessible and affordable to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.




Public Transportation


Metro Transit

The Metropolitan Council manages Metro Transit which operates fixed-route busing, bus rapid transit, the light rail system (Blue and Green Lines), the Red Line commuter bus, and Northstar. Metro Transit also manages Transit Link (formerly Dial-A-Ride), carpooling services, and Metro Mobility.


Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a shared public transit service for those with disabilities who have be certified to ride and cannot take fixed-route buses. Rides can be made to medical and non-medical locations. To learn more and apply, click here.



Private Transportation




These include services offered by companies such as Lyft and Uber. Both have accessible transportation options and operate via mobile apps.




Lyft offers an access mode feature on their mobile app that will dispatch accessible vehicles when available. Find out more here.




To learn more about Uber’s accessibility options, click here.


Taxi Service


Taxicabs arcoss the metro are another transportation option. Increasingly taxicab companies are offering accessible vans. In Minneapolis, there are 5 taxicab companies that offer accessible vans in their fleets. These companies include Airport Taxi, Yellow Taxi, Green and White Taxi, Minneapple Taxi, and La Mexicana Taxi Cab. Please contact those providers for more info. If you live elsewhere in the metro, please ask your taxicab company if they offer accessible vans.


Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)


This is a medical transportation service offered by MTM, Inc. for those on Medical Assistance in the 10 county metro area. For more information, call 866-467-1724.


Drivers Assessment and Training Services


Are you interested in knowing if you are able to drive? There are a few metro agencies that offer driver assessment classes to determine if you can drive. Courage Kenny offers driver assessment and training services that includes a clinical and in-vehicle assessment. Metropolitan Center for Independent Living also offers similar services through their Independent Living Skills Program.


Transportation Policy


For years, Minnesota has sought to pass transportation reform to increase funding for roads and bridges as well as for light rail and other forms of public transportation. However, the state has not settled on a solution and has led to chronic underfunding of Metro Transit services, among other issues.


In 2017, the state House has passed a transportation omnibus bill that could lead to a 40% cut to Metro Transit services including Metro Mobility. This would lead to increase fares and reduced service. To learn more about these potential impacts, check out a Metropolitan Council article here. Coalitions like Transportation Forward and Transit for Livable Communities are working to address transportation issues impacting persons with disabilities.



Metro Transportation Service Information


The Arc has created a PDF that lists metro area transit options, both public and private, along with areas served and contact information. You can access that here. Questions or need transportation advocacy support? Contact The Arc Greater Twin Cities at 952-920-0855.