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Self-Advocate Blog: Stitched Back Together

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Photo: Karli sews a quilt on her sewing machine. A small dog sits in Karli's lap as she sews.Hello Everyone,

Wow have I been keeping busy lately. With all this time on my hands right now as we are all patiently waiting for this situation to settle down and have our lives get back to a little bit of normalcy and routine.

To keep myself busy, I have gotten back into one of my old hobbies that I have put off for a while and that is quilting. I have made 10 quilts so far and working on my 11th. I am enjoying it so much and it makes the days fly by. Even my dog Lady Puggglesworth has joined in. Whether it is wanting to learn how to sew herself or just wanting to curl up and take a nap either way she is also enjoying the hobby.

During this time as we are all just waiting for answers sometimes there are days where it feels like my life is unraveling just like a quilt that is falling apart. But for me I am picking up the scraps and pieces and stitching them back together again to start a bright new day.

Stitched back together,
Karli Harguth