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Self-Advocate Blog: Nate’s Vacation

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I went on vacation with my mom to have a break, there was not whole lot of rules about Covid-19 there. The only thing that was closed were the pools, everything else was open. We traveled to badlands to see the lands of the badlands.

Self advocate Nate Clark from Minnesota

There were lot cool things to see, it only takes about 1 day and 1/2 to tour the badlands.

Then we traveled to Wall Drug I got a pair of moccasins which are very comfy. We stopped at Corn Palace Museum that was very interesting. The Corn Palace is made out of dried up corn cobs and that’s how the palace was made out of. We did tent camping for the first 2 nights. We stayed in badlands.

My mom and I traveled to black hills that was so amazing we saw big mountains of black hills there were lot of hills called black hills. Why they are called the black hills? This because they had a forest fire one time and the trees burn, then had black ashes on ground. That is why they call it Black Hills National Forest. Mom and I saw MT. Rushmore, that was so cool and pretty. There were lot of curvy roads and tunnels.

If you can get to see South Dakota, I encourage you see badlands and black hills.

– Nate Clark, Southwest Minnesota