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Self-Advocate Blog: Amy’s Acting Career

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My name is Amy Jo Piedade. I live in North Mankato, MN. I am an actor in Aktion Club Theatre of Mankato. I have been a member since the beginning in 2006. I have had 2 large acting parts and I was an officer.

I played Ava, the Forest Queen in Soph and the Nana and Mermaid, Circus Member in Circus Metamorphosis.

I have been in every play that Aktion Club Theatre has done. I love being in plays because I love to sing, and no one judges you. When I was in High School, I was told I couldn’t be in plays because they said I couldn’t act and because of my size. People judged me before they even knew me and what my talents were. I love Aktion Club Theatre because no one judges you. We all care about each other like a family no matter who you are.

I love to sing, act, and wear beautiful costumes in the plays. I wrote a poem about the Cookie Monster in Aktion Club Theatre. We have a Poet’s Club. I was the President and Vice-President of Aktion Club Theatre. I am also a member of People First of Mankato and Different Drummer Dance Club in Mankato. I am the President of People First of Mankato.

I have been really involved in the Special Olympics. I have done swimming, bocce ball, bowling, basketball, volleyball, softball, and unified bowling. I have tons of ribbons and medals.

I am part of Advocating Change Togethers’ 2020 Olmstead Academy. Our virtual project is to be part of Kiwanis Meetings in Mankato. I have met lots of friends at the academy and at Kiwanis.

I have 2 dogs and one cat. I have been dating my boyfriend for 14 years. His name is Nate. I am really good at coloring and I love to draw. Coloring relaxes me.