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Arc Guide to Developmental Disabilities (DD) Case Management

This Arc Guide explains what Developmental Disabilities (DD) Case Management is and how it works. DD Case Management Services is when County Human Services case managers, often known as social workers, help individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and their families understand what help is available, through programs from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, for an individual with I/DD and family members. DD Case Management is sometimes also called Rule 185 because that is the Minnesota Rule that explains how DD case management works.

This guide will provide basic information on:

  • What is DD Case Management?
  • Who is eligible for DD Case Management (Case Manager/Social Worker)?
  • How is eligibility determined?
  • What is a case manager/What does a case manager do?

What is DD Case Management?

DD Case Management includes services provided by a case manager who…

  • Helps an individual and family members understand services and supports that he or she may be eligible for from social service programs administered through their county of residence
  • Provides information from the county about available services and supports which includes enough information so that an individual can make a good (informed) choice
  • Explains services and assists to determine what services will best meet needs


Who is eligible for DD Case Management?

A person may be eligible for DD case management when the evaluation determines the person is an individual with a developmental disability or an individual with a related condition. This disability must have been demonstrated to have occurred before the age of 22.

  • Individual with a Developmental Disability who:
    • Is diagnosed with substantial limitation in skills/abilities AND
    • Has significant deficits in intellectual ability/functioning AND
    • Who does not meet the age and culturally appropriate skills when it comes to learning, personal independence, social responsibility, and maturity

Or the evaluation determines the person is an:

  • Individual with a related condition (This could include some people with cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, Prader-Willi Syndrome, etc.)
    • Have a severe, chronic disability that is similar a developmental disability AND
    • Limitations must be shown in three or more of the areas below
  • Self-care
  • Understanding and use of language
  • Learning
  • Mobility
  • Self-direction
  • Capacity for independent living


How is eligibility determined?

Eligibility is determined by the results of all of the following:

  • Standardized test of intellectual intelligence/ability
  • Description of everyday living skills/adaptive behavior
  • Descriptive background information related to person that includes:
    • Social and developmental history
    • Information on previous and current supports and assistance needed by the person
    • Things that may have contributed to or influenced current abilities


What is a case manager/What does a case manager do?

  • Helps the person get services based on assessed needs
  • Coordinates services for the individual and providers of services
  • Keeps track of the services to make sure they are helping the individual
  • Makes sure the individual is safe and healthy
  • Determines if the person and his/her guardian are satisfied with services
  • Develops a written plan for services which is called the Coordinated Service and Support Plan (CSSP)
  • Reviews the CSSP, services and supports every year


A MnCHOICES assessment is used to determine edibility for DD case management and other county social services programs.** Contact numbers are:

  • Anoka County: (763) 422-7580 (birth – 5 years) (763) 323-6070 (5 years – adult)
  • Carver County: (952) 361-1693
  • Dakota County: (651) 554-6336
  • Hennepin County: (612) 348-4111
  • Ramsey County: (651) 266-3613
  • Scott County: (952) 496-8556
  • Washington County: (651) 430-6484


An individual does not need to be on Medical Assistance in order to receive Case Management services.


*For more detailed information, see:


**Arc Guide to MnCHOICES at MnCHOICES.pdf



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