United We Stand Players — New Ulm

The United We Stand Players of New Ulm believes its mission is to change people’s mindset, thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints about disability.  The group also believes that it is important to teach people about respecting all people for who they are.   The United We Stand Players is committed to participating in the community through the arts and providing equal access to everyone who wants to be involved in the group.  Click here to see the group’s current calendar of activities and events.



  • Show others that we are people just like everyone else.
  • Encourage others to see us as differently-abled, not “disabled.” We are all given unique gifts and talents.
  • Serve in our communities.
  • Learn through the things that we do.
  • Show people what teamwork is all about.
  • Entertain people through the art of theatre.


  • Completed six full-length, original plays, all of which provide messages about disability issues.
  • Participated in several Remembering with Dignity performances at the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center.
  • Attended many conferences to learn about self-advocacy and teach others about self-advocacy theatre.
  • Helped start Aktion Club Theatre of Mankato.
  • Participated in Day of Caring, sold roses for The Arc Minnesota Southwest Region Rose Sale
  • Traveled to the Minnesota State Capitol to speak with legislators about issues that matter to United We Stand Players.

“It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I am glad to be part of it!” — Lucas

“When I am participating in the theatre group activities, I am attempting to open other people’s eyes about us and hope that I can help all people.” — Helene

“We show that we have positive attitudes and make change one person at a time.” — Jacki


Questions?  Call Wilbur at 507-345-4223.